Forum for National Committees

Slovenia’s National Committee

Slovenia has been a member of the World Road Association since 1995. A National Committee (NC PIARC Slovenia) was established in 1999 to strengthen the relationship. This was initiated by Mr Anton Šajna, at that time the director of the Slovenian Roads Agency (SRA). From the very beginning, SRA has played a key role and remains firmly tied to Slovenia's National Committee. This is a strong encouragement for international cooperation, exchange of knowledge and best practice in Slovenia. Presently, the Director of SRA, Mr Gregor Ficko, serves as the First Delegate for Slovenia in the Association. In 2009 we celebrated our 10th anniversary and we were pleased to host as our guest for the occasion World Road Association Secretary General, Mr Jean-François Corté. Today, around 30 private companies, research institutes, universities and individuals are members of the National Committee. Its current president is Mr Vili Žavrlan who presides over the Executive committee (together with 10 other elected members, representatives of Slovenian companies).