Use of natural additives in the production of warm mix asphalt in Cuba - Certificate of merit emerging countries

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Warm mix asphalt is produced at temperatures below those typically applied in asphalt processes, thanks to the use of additives such as synthetic zeolites and surface active agents. In Cuba, a study was conducted on developing such asphalt mixes. As part of this effort, we have used a natural zeolite from the Tasajeras Region, called "Zeo C". This same additive when purified actually displays a higher zeolite content and is known under its commercial brand name "NZ". Our investigation included a white sisal juice to serve as a surface active agent. In all test cases, we found results similar to those of a conventional asphalt mix. In the laboratory, we added various particle sizes of zeolite (Zeo C), in the form of both fines (< 0.074 mm) and sand (< 2 mm). We also evaluated the penetrability and ductility of the bitumen modified with white sisal juice. The asphalt mixes derived were subjected to both the standard Marshall test and water sensitivity test. By adding zeolite, we were able to obtain a maximum temperature decrease of 30°C. This article will demonstrate the potential for extending the scope of studies on the use of natural resources in producing warm mix asphalt, along with the resulting in economic benefits.