Strategic Plan 2020-2023 and XXVIth World Road Congress

Our Association's recent statutory meetings, held at the end of October 2018 in Yokohama (Japan), provided a measure of the extent to which our members would like the Association to address certain topics and develop new knowledge-based materials: technical reports, practical guides, seminars and conferences. This array of expectations serves to justify, as if it were really necessary, the very existence of our Association and its relevance as a voice on all road and transport-related issues. It is now incumbent upon us to translate these expectations into a program that is both coherent and bold, while also realistic and feasible. Such is the aim of our next Strategic Plan, encompassing the period 2020-23, whose major themes are already taking shape around infrastructure, mobility, governance, resilience and safety. This Plan is intended to be flexible, proactive and, above all, participatory: it is essential to involve future Technical Committee chairpersons during the Plan's finalization process. This collective effort will be sustained through October 2019, when the 2020-23 Plan will be unveiled at the Abu Dhabi Congress.