Japan A case of transit-oriented development in the Tokyo Metropolitan Area aimed at multimodal urban transportation "Tsukuba Express Project" for integrated urban transport and housing development

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The Tsukuba Express Project refers to the construction of a new railway line, Tsukuba Express (TX), between Tokyo and Tsukuba Science City that is located about 50 km from Tokyo, and the integrated urban development of the areas along the railway line. The Project characterizes the development of public transport systems and housing development along the line under a special law to facilitate it, and is a representative example of Transit-Oriented Development (TOD) cases that have taken place in recent years in Japan. The TX Project realized smooth development of a railway system, and brought a major change to the share of public transport systems includi ng existing railways and highway buses. Recently, "bus and train rides" combining the use of TX and highway bus services have been implemented at a TX station, forming a multimodal transport network for the area.