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Transformative Human Resource Management Practices in the Road and Transportation Sector

Under the supervision of: Karen Bobo (USA), Marit Due (Norway), Nadia Lappa (Canada),  Anna Wildt-Persson (Sweden) and Christos Xenophontos (USA), all members of PIARC TC 1.1. "Performance of Transport Administrations".

The objective of Technical Committee 1.1 "Performance of Transport Administrations" Working Group 3, is to identify effective approaches for defining and promoting diversity and equity, and for recruiting and retaining new key competence in Transport Administrations. During the last year we have set up a series of round table discussions with participants from Transport Administrations around the world in inspiring conversations on diversity, equity and competence. The next step is to collect a number of case studies for more in-depth knowledge of different dimension of diversity and talent management to describe challenges and needs, as well as sharing good practice.