Claude Van Rooten gives a positive assessment of the Association's activities in this particular year

Dear friends, another year of Covid-related crises, yet for PIARC an active year of achievements nonetheless. All our activities – governance, knowledge-sharing – naturally went virtual. We had to adapt quickly and transformed our trademark seminars into webinars. This effort proved most effective, and we were able to hold the first international PIARC seminars of the 2020-2023 cycle with host India on tunnels, Tunisia on road safety, not to mention numerous Covid-dedicated events. Another first in our century-long history of Congresses: the long-awaited Winter Service and Road Resilience Congress – Calgary 2022 will take place online, much to the chagrin of our Canadian hosts, who were so looking forward to welcoming PIARC delegates, and our much anticipated discovery of the vibrant capital of Alberta must now be postponed. Despite the remote exchanges, the papers received have been of an exceptional quantity and quality, a strong endorsement of our decision to open the Congress to the topic of resilience.