From the 5th Generation Road to Roads of the Anthropocene – What are the Synergies between Digitalisation of Transport Infrastructures and Protection of Landscapes and Biodiversity?

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The "5th Generation Road" or R5GMD project, the French version of the "Forever Open Road" project, aims to design road infrastructures that are adapted to the challenges of the 21st century. The project is divided into three phases. The first phase (2010-2015) involved identifying key technologies and preparing the associated research projects, culminating in the publication of a roadmap validated by the Ministry responsible for the environment and transport at COP 21. The second phase (2015-2020) was dedicated to creating demonstrators of these key technologies. The third phrase, which began in 2020, aims for widespread roll-out of the best solutions stemming from these demonstrators. This widespread roll-out requires either public funding which, even if substantial, will only allow solutions to be rolled out incrementally in the territories, or the design and implementation of more innovative business models that will be likely to drastically accelerate this roll-out, considering an R5G backed by new ecological and climatic functions.