The Abu Dhabi Congress

It has been almost six months since the 26th World Road Congress in Abu Dhabi came to an end. If the return to daily life and the worries of the moment seem to have already made us forget it, this Congress will remain strongly engraved in the memories of all its participants. As I said in the closing ceremony, the first words that come to mind are naturally a huge "thank you": to our hosts, first of all, who have worked tirelessly to make this event a unique moment and to leave in our memory and in our hearts the remembrance of their legendary hospitality; to the entire team of the General Secretariat, who have worked hard to make the Congress a success; to our technical committees, whose experts have presented the fruit of the work they have carried out during the 2016-2019 cycle; to the whole PIARC family, and in particular to its National Committees, which competed in activity and good taste to turn their respective pavilions in the exhibition into true embassies of their respective countries; to all the authors of the papers, without whom our Congress would not have the scientific and technical value that has been unanimously recognized for more than 110 years.