Hydrogen Among Other Solutions to Decarbonate Road Freight Transport

Illustrations © Authors

To limit global warming to +2°C and hopefully 1.5°C, Europe, UK, Japan and Korea have already announced carbon neutrality in 2050, China in 2060 and it becomes probable that the USA will join this dynamic. Road transportation (cars, pick-ups, light commercial vehicles, medium and heavy-duty trucks) accounts for more than 16% of energy related world-wide greenhouse gases (GHG) emissions1, almost exclusively CO2. Share of commercial freight – LCVs and medium-heavy duty trucks - is 43% of this, so 7% of worldwide GHG emissions. For medium and heavy-duty trucks & buses only, it’s 5% in Europe and 7% in the US. However, the only big source of GHG emissions that is not receding is transportation as we can see in illustration 1 in the case of the USA. Moreover, this is not slowing down: before COVID, global trucks freight was forecasted to grow by ≈ 40% from 2019 to 2030.