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Advanced Transport Project Management

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In recent years, there has been an increasing realization in Israel and worldwide, that transport infrastructure projects, are affected by a large number of independent factors and by actions and expectations of numerous partners. The projects are usually running under conditions of uncertainty and, in most cases, will exceed planned schedule and budget. The problem is exacerbated when the management company is responsible for a large number of infrastructure projects with long schedules and strict budgetary constraints. Each project must comply with laws, regulations and regulatory control, diminishing available space, which requiring efficient, effective planning which makes proper use of the terrain unit, coordination with dozens of unrelated partners and difficult budgetary circumstances. Presently, classic project management methods that have served companies managing the national roadway infrastructure projects for many years are no longer adequate. An alternative approach is required to meet present and future needs. Our current approach to project management is based on a support of complimentary control and planning team (PMOs) and on an integrative information system propose significant benefits.