Management of high floods on Dorneşti bridge

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This paper presents the Emergency Situation Management of High Floods in 2010 on Dorneşti Bridge, Suceava, Romania. Following the severe rainfalls that affected Romania starting 21.06.2010, 37 counties out of a total of 41 were seriously affected by floods, torrents, flash floods or landslides. The most affected counties were in the North-Eastern part of Romania. The Northern part of Moldavia (region in the North-East of Romania) was seriously affected by floods and the bridge connecting Rădăuţi municipality to Siret city and further to the border between Romania and Ukraine along route 17A, was damaged. The local and national authorities (Ministry of Transport, Ministry of Defence, Ministry of Internal Affairs) were mobilized to undertake appropriate actions. Management of the emergency situation was assumed by the National Committee for Emergency Situations. The floods at the end of June 2010 caused only for Regional Directorate of Roads and Bridges of Iaşi, 94 calamity sectors of national roads and costs rising to over 8 million Euros.