XXVI World Road Congress, successful calls for papers

With preparations for the Abu Dhabi Congress in full swing, the World Road Association's Technical Committees are working tirelessly to read through the some 500 papers submitted over the past several weeks, not to mention producing the technical reports due as the current 2016-2019 Strategic Plan period winds down. The output promises to be bountiful, and a majority of these reports will be made available to the general public via our website between now and the Congress kickoff. The conclusions drawn from four years of work, to be shared and discussed in detail, will provide an extensive basis for the individual technical sessions. The success of this initiative, deployed with remarkable efficiency, is owed to the close collaboration enjoyed between the Committees and the General Secretariat, as well as to the set of tools developed by the Secretariat to facilitate document uploads. A round of thanks for their tremendous efforts goes to all, report authors and editors, technical advisors and Association staff.