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Assessment of the value of road assets in Morocco’s arterial road network based on the HDM-4 approach

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One of the objectives of this work is the assessment of road assets which is a key indicator enabling road network managers to make provision for ensuring an acceptable condition on an economically viable basis in the medium and long term (20 years), by focusing on safeguarding the road assets as a whole and improving the service offered to users. More than many other assets, the roads require constant attention in one way or another in order to limit their deterioration. The results of this work focus on the assessment of the value of road assets, in an approach designed for, and adapted to, the specifications of the Moroccan context. The results of the simulation have shown that the strategies for maintaining very busy roads consume significant capital investments. The cost required to upgrade the arterial road network in 2017 is around 22 billion Moroccan dirhams (MAD) , i.e. 1.46% of the country’s GDP. These results confirm the soundness of the choice of best strategies. It was thus observed that the value of assets will have increased from 22 to 28 billion dirhams in 2018, a development recorded throughout the five-year period.