Forum for the National Committees

The Technical Road Association (ATC), Spain's National PIARC Committee

Since its creation in 1934, Spain's National Committee of the World Road Association has been an active participant behind Spain's contributions at PIARC World Road Congresses, on the technical side in preparing national reports and individual presentations, in organizing the Spanish participation, and coordinating the cooperation of the Spanish technical committees with their international counterparts. In 1971, during the Prague World Congress, the observation was made of the need to institutionalize these tasks and coalesce coordination efforts on behalf of all players in the Spanish road sector, encompassing both public and private domains. In response to this need, Spain's Permanent Association of Road Congresses was founded. In July 1986, this body changed its name to become the Technical Road Association (or Asociación Técnica de Carreteras, or ATC) and retained the national PIARC committee as the Association's main activity program.