Risk and emergency management as a basis for road intelligent transportation systems (ITS) planning and operation

Illustrations © Dirección General de Tráfico

In modern and hyper-connected societies, adverse risky events have been found to generally also cause serious damage to road network and traffic, and consequently on local and global economies.

Transport system in Spain accounts for 16% of the GDP, and heavily depends on road, which accounts for 81.6%, and 43.2% modal share for freight and passengers respectively 1.

Accordingly, two key elements must be protected and managed properly to minimize disruptions in economy: road transport infrastructure; road transport operations.

The trustworthiness and sustainability of road systems rely on infrastructures, but also on highway capacity, travel-time reliability, road safety, freight transport security, and energy supply continuity.

According to the European Commission, ITS deployment has resulted in 20% travel time reductions, a rise of 5-10% in network capacity and 10-15% road accidents reduction. Therefore, road technology is to play a key role in ensuring sustainability and minimizing negative impacts.