Coastal Highway Route E39 in Norway

Illustrations © Author

Due to Norway's distinctive topography, bridges have been necessary for mobility and accessibility for decades. This presentation provides an overview of our new Coastal Highway Route E39 Project. It is planned to replace seven different ferry connections with pioneering designs and constructions: suspension bridges, cable-stayed bridges, floating bridges, submerged floating tube bridges or a combination of these bridge types. This paper presents the results of the feasibility study that shows alternative methods of crossing "extreme fjords", where the width varies from 2 to 7.7 km and depths can be up to 1,300 m. The project also includes evaluating whether to use the experience from the Norwegian oil and offshore technology to cross these fjords. The conclusion of this feasibility study shows that this is technically feasible, and the ambition of the Norwegian Government as well as the Parliament, is that the E39 corridor, a ferry free Coastal Highway, will be completed within 20 years.