Development of Environment Friendly Cold Mix Asphalt

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Bagged cold asphalt repair materials (cold asphalt mixtures) are used for different purposes such as repair of potholes and bumps in pavements making paving work easy and storage stability high. However, because their strength development is slow compared to hot asphalt mixtures and durability is also poorer, cold asphalt mixtures have been mainly used for the temporary rehabilitation of lightly trafficked roads. Meanwhile, the recent years have seen efforts being made to improve the durability of cold asphalt mixtures in the aim to apply them for the repair of roads with relatively heavy traffic, as well as for mid- and long-term temporary and permanent rehabilitation works. This has led to the development of various highly durable products. Unfortunately, the strength, development time, and durability of cold asphalt mixtures have yet to reach the level of hot asphalt mixtures, and frequently cause damages such as rutting and aggregate scattering immediately after paving work and during summer. There are also limits to the use of cold asphalt mixtures in paving work during rain or when the repaired area is contaminated with puddles of water.