Guidelines to Develop MaaS Services in Italy

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Mobility is called upon a transformation in order to adapt to new digital contexts and to make user’s travel experience as comfortable and accessible as possible. This mobility revolution has a name: Mobility as a Service (MaaS). MaaS consists of new mobility concept, which provides integration of multiple public and private transport services into a single service, accessible via mobile devices, thanks to a platform with multiple functions and a single payment system, capable of responding in a customized way to all specific mobility needs and able to offer a real alternative to private cars, all in one app. With MaaS, will change not only the way we move, but also the mobility itself which will become an on-demand service. In recent years, MaaS topic has expanded highlighting the concept of regulatory rules that allow an effective development of MaaS in different countries. The benefits of the "MaaS revolution" are countless and everyone is working to make it possible. In fact, there will not only be advantages for users, but also for the world of mobility - which will be stimulated to provide new innovative and digital services - and for those who provide services other than mobility. Furthermore, if accompanied by appropriate public policies, MaaS can constitute an incredible opportunity for public mobility governance to support a modal shift towards more sustainable ways of transport.