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The National Committee PIARC Slovenia

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Slovenia is a member of the World road association PIARC since 1995. The Slovenian national committee (NC PIARC Slovenia – was established a bit later, in 1999. The first initiator of Slovenia joining the PIARC community was Mr. Anton Šajna. At the time Mr. Šajna was the director of the Slovenian roads agency, the highest authority for roads in Slovenia. After transformation over the years, today we know it as the Slovenian infrastructure agency (SIA) and besides roads it now also manages investments in railways. It still remains the most important member for our national committee, other members being around 20 private companies, research institutes and universities, active in the Slovenian roads’ community. Its current president is Mrs. Ljiljana Herga and she also presides over the Executive committee (together with 10 other elected members, representatives of Slovenian companies) that operationally manages our national committee.